Marketing Means Business
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Prosperity and Growth
Welcome to Marketing Means Business (MMB).

We are a small team of consultants who are skilled specialists in the
development, execution and evaluation of Marketing, Advertising and
Communication programs, with a unique blend of creativity, fresh ideas and
diverse marketing experience.

Our blend of talented individuals, are all experts in their specific fields.
Because we are small, it is important for us to build relationships with our
clients as this helps us to gain a better understanding about their needs
allowing us to recommend suitable marketing techniques.

MMB was specifically established to help small and medium-sized companies
achieve their business objectives through the development of effective
marketing strategies, supported by the practical implementation of
results-focused marketing and business development and growth.

Once we completely understand the objectives of our client and the market
they are operating in, we develop a clear, no-nonsense strategy that will
deliver real results to your bottom line.

Our approach and strategy includes real tools such as budgets,
implementation plans and mechanisms for tracking effectiveness. Because we
are primarily customer focused, and our own specific backgrounds are in
small business, any plan we devise is with the objective of achieving
maximum results with the minimum of spend.

For business strategies to generate successful results, the customer has to be
the main focus. This might sound too simplistic, but it is all too easy for
companies to lose sight of their customer base. We ensure that the money
you spend on advertising or marketing is not wasted, and we assist you by
developing effective marketing and sales tools.

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A company is only
as good as its
people, their ability
to deliver,  and the
promises they keep.